It’s odd how much a new refrigerator means

Just bought a new frig — the last one lasted 15+ years but the last few years we couldn’t use the freezer much as it cycled up and down and the food didn’t do too well.  The frig had some hot spots — especially on the door, so food didn’t last long.  Those things we didn’t particularly notice — you just work around them.

Until you get a new one.

First, it’s bigger which is wonderful.  Second, it’s clean – and I’m determined to keep it in mint condition.  My husband even thinks about putting something ‘drippy’ in there and he hears about it.  Third, it is cold everywhere.  I have food in the freezer — and I even used it.  It had been sort of the graveyard where things went to die.

And I have ice!

Not an icemaker — I live in a 50 year old mobile home out in the country — I think I’ve reached my electrical limit with appliances, so there is no way I could even think about that — but I actually have ice cube trays that stay frozen.  And I just bought two trays with lids — so none of that icky exposed ice cubes any more.

All of a sudden with the delivery of the refrigerator I’m actually planning meals, buying food ahead and putting it in the freezer, cooking meals — washing up and putting away.  All those things I’d just kind of let go of because I just felt there were too many obstacles.

I just put dinner on and it’s simmering (Vietnamese Caramel Pork)  and dessert is in the Instant Pot (Pineapple Upside Down Cake for the husband) — and I poured myself a glass of blueberry lemonade with ice.  It’s an amazing adult feeling — no drinking out of the bottle as I’m ashamed to admit I had been doing for way too long.  Just actually sipping a drink with the sound of tinkling ice cubes.

All because of a new refrigerator.

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