I have air conditioning

If you look back to a previous entry I said I’d have window airconditioners this year and I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I DO!

We had some electrical issues this year and actually spent almost four weeks without ‘real’ electricity.  We had to use extension cords from a neighbor to have temporary lighting.  But we lived through it, and – knock wood – we are back to semi-normal.

They suggested we shut off the swamp cooler as that seemed to be one of the areas where the lines were an issue.  So once the lights came back on, I bought two window a/c units and they were installed successfully.  Hubs wasn’t sure they’d work — but I’m pleased to announce that they work so well it’s amazing.  Larger unit in the living room where he spends most of his days and a smaller unit in my bedroom/office is almost too cold most of the time.

That is not to say that the rooms in between — the kitchen specifically — aren’t warm and uncomfortable.  But all things considered, it’s a darn side better than we’ve experienced in the last fifteen years.

Never take electricity and air conditioning for granted.  It doesn’t just happen — and not everyone has it!

It’s odd how much a new refrigerator means

Just bought a new frig — the last one lasted 15+ years but the last few years we couldn’t use the freezer much as it cycled up and down and the food didn’t do too well.  The frig had some hot spots — especially on the door, so food didn’t last long.  Those things we didn’t particularly notice — you just work around them.

Until you get a new one.

First, it’s bigger which is wonderful.  Second, it’s clean – and I’m determined to keep it in mint condition.  My husband even thinks about putting something ‘drippy’ in there and he hears about it.  Third, it is cold everywhere.  I have food in the freezer — and I even used it.  It had been sort of the graveyard where things went to die.

And I have ice!

Not an icemaker — I live in a 50 year old mobile home out in the country — I think I’ve reached my electrical limit with appliances, so there is no way I could even think about that — but I actually have ice cube trays that stay frozen.  And I just bought two trays with lids — so none of that icky exposed ice cubes any more.

All of a sudden with the delivery of the refrigerator I’m actually planning meals, buying food ahead and putting it in the freezer, cooking meals — washing up and putting away.  All those things I’d just kind of let go of because I just felt there were too many obstacles.

I just put dinner on and it’s simmering (Vietnamese Caramel Pork)  and dessert is in the Instant Pot (Pineapple Upside Down Cake for the husband) — and I poured myself a glass of blueberry lemonade with ice.  It’s an amazing adult feeling — no drinking out of the bottle as I’m ashamed to admit I had been doing for way too long.  Just actually sipping a drink with the sound of tinkling ice cubes.

All because of a new refrigerator.

The oddest book – but I liked it

I’m a reader of books on Kindle and on Audible.  I consider them both reading, but I know not everyone agrees.

Which has nothing to do with this post, but just putting it out there.

At any rate, I downloaded this book from the mystery category — I don’t know what drew me to it — I read everything mystery from cozies with cats to true crime — so I have no idea what I saw in the description that drew me in.  But it did.

And then I started reading it — first death was a drowning in a car with no water.  I began to think this was an ‘odd’ mystery (my mother didn’t raise no dummy, right) and as I went through it it just became the oddest book ever.

It was called Carter and Lovecraft btw — and through research I discovered that Lovecraft:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) was an American writer who achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror fiction. He was virtually unknown and published only in pulp magazines before he died in poverty, but he is now regarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors in his genre.

Well who knew?

I just find it ODD that I found a book listed under mystery and found a whole new genre, author and apparently lifestyle!

If you live long enough I guess you’ll know everything, right?

BTW, the book was an interesting read — I don’t see myself becoming a Lovecraft follower — but it was a quick & compelling read.  It was also ODD.




No odd thoughts lately?

I think I’ve given up odd thoughts and every kind of thought until the temperature drops.  Well I haven’t given up murderous angry thoughts — but I’m  not the murderous angry type — so I just bitch about things.  High temperatures is one of the things I bitch about the most.

I’m a heat wimp — I can’t think in the heat, can’t work in the heat, can’t do anything in the heat.  Well, not true — I can bitch in the heat.

swamp cooler

I live in a very old mobile home  and I don’t mind how old and run down it is — it’s perfect for hubby, me and my menagerie of animals.  But it has a swamp cooler — and while back in 1973 when the desert was hot & dry it might have been a wondrous invention — it is no longer.  We are way more humid than we used to be.

This evening for instance it is 84 degrees outside and inside it’s 88 degrees.  The desk is warm to the touch.  I have no windows which cross ventilate with each other, but the windows I do have are open in hopes it will cool down before bedtime.

Next year there will be window air-conditioners or I’ll have to find a summer home.  And I’d miss my husband and my pets, but I doubt they’d miss all my bitching.




Child proof packaging is frustrating & odd

So your head is throbbing, you’re dizzy and desperately need to take a sinus pill.  You have to stand in the pharmacy line to show your id and promise not to make meth from the pill — then you get the damn things and you can’t get the damn pill out of the plastic wrapping.


I stood in the line so I could prove I’m an adult (adultish anyway) and yet I need child proof wrapping?  I used my teeth, what few nails I have, my car keys, and still had to take it to the nearest child I could find to help me get it released from its safe package.

They could cut the cost in half if they just changed the packaging.

I have odd thoughts

I spend a lot of time in the car thinking odd thoughts.

Sometimes they’re funny and odd, sometimes tragic and odd, sometimes bewildering and odd, sometimes sad and odd, sometimes just odd.

I always feel like I should write them down — not sure why, just seem to want to share my odd thoughts – but where?

Why not here?  Why not starting now?