About me

My name is spelled oddly.


I love it — the oddity of it and the origin of it.

My Dad’s name was Jack.  Actually it was John but he used the nickname Jack.  Now that’s odd — who thinks of these nicknames?  Both are four letters — that qualifies as a nickname?  Who made that decision?

But I digress.  Since Dad was Jack,  I was Jacki.  Not Jacqueline — Jacki.  He was rather strident about it — I remember a report card where it said Jacqueline Graham and he wouldn’t sign it until they corrected it.

So I went through life saying “Jackie without the ‘e'”  and of course I always get Jackie with the ‘e’.  Sometimes I just ignored it, but sometimes — not so much.  I had an aunt once (Dad’s sister) who enjoyed putting Jackie on everything.  Never sure if it was to piss off her brother (my Dad) or me.  But it worked — it always ticked me off — mission accomplished Martha!

Now in my old age — I go either way.  I like the way Dad spelled it — and it seems to suit me.  I don’t see myself a Jacqueline and not even a Jackie — I feel exactly like a Jacki.

I guess Dad knew what he was talking about.  Or he just got lucky.  Or he was just being obstinate.  Whichever it was, I thank him — it’s just odd enough and not too odd.

Oh yea, this is an about me page — not a rambling page.

I’m Jacki, 60 something, married for forever to the same man, with lots of dogs & cats.  I run a whole bunch of THE UPS STORES in Riverside County.  I watch too much TV, never get a chance to read enough, and I’m always at my computer.

I fancy myself humorous — I think I’m fairly funny — but I don’t think I write funny.  I’d like to write funny.  I admire intelligent & funny writing — and I wish I did that.

But I do this — let’s call it fanciful writing — and now I’m doing it in blog form for reasons not fully understood (or at all understood by my husband who can’t actually understand Facebook, Twitter or God Forbid Instagram).

What will my blog be about you ask (okay, you didn’t — but I do)?  A little of this and that.  Odd customers, odd family, odd dogs & really odd cats, and mostly odd thoughts.


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