I have air conditioning

If you look back to a previous entry I said I’d have window airconditioners this year and I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I DO!

We had some electrical issues this year and actually spent almost four weeks without ‘real’ electricity.  We had to use extension cords from a neighbor to have temporary lighting.  But we lived through it, and – knock wood – we are back to semi-normal.

They suggested we shut off the swamp cooler as that seemed to be one of the areas where the lines were an issue.  So once the lights came back on, I bought two window a/c units and they were installed successfully.  Hubs wasn’t sure they’d work — but I’m pleased to announce that they work so well it’s amazing.  Larger unit in the living room where he spends most of his days and a smaller unit in my bedroom/office is almost too cold most of the time.

That is not to say that the rooms in between — the kitchen specifically — aren’t warm and uncomfortable.  But all things considered, it’s a darn side better than we’ve experienced in the last fifteen years.

Never take electricity and air conditioning for granted.  It doesn’t just happen — and not everyone has it!

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